Bariatric Wheelchairs

If you've ever shopped for a wheelchair, you know that most standard wheelchairs that are not bariatric wheelchairs only support about 250 lbs. on average. Many people with mobility problems weigh significantly more than that, however. Bariatric wheelchairs, also known as heavy-duty wheelchairs, are designed to support weights in excess of 300 lbs. and up to as much as 1,000 lbs.

Bariatric wheelchairs feature larger seats, reinforced frames, reinforced upholstery, heavy-duty wheels and a number of other features that allow them to hold more weight than standard wheelchairs. Because of these reinforcements, however, many bariatric wheelchairs are significantly heavier than standard wheelchairs. This is important to take into consideration when thinking about how you plan to transport the wheelchair and the user.

Customizing Your Bariatric Wheelchair

At All Time Medical, we have several different bariatric wheelchairs in our inventory. Each of these wheelchairs can be ordered to fit the unique specifications of its user in order to provide the most comfortable mobility assistance possible. Before shopping, you should take measurements of the user and consult a doctor or therapist to determine what features are most needed.

Once you choose a bariatric wheelchair with the appropriate weight capacity and price point, you can customize it to your needs. Most of our bariatric wheelchairs can be ordered in a variety of seat widths, and it's always a good idea to order a seat that is slightly wider than necessary for comfort's sake. Additionally, you can usually customize the configuration of the armrests and leg rests as appropriate.