Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars are simply essential if you are to create a home environment as safe as it is liberating. Many people who experience limited mobility suffer devastating accidents in the bathroom, and many of these are avoidable with a few simple products. Bathroom grab bars have been known for decades as some of the most secure and well-designed medical products on the planet.

How do they work? If you have ever visited a handicapped stall in a public restroom, you have likely seen these bars in action. The idea is that they offer something to hold onto as you transition from the wheelchair to the toilet and back again. Even if you are generally mobile, these bars can provide much-needed stability.

We offer all the top varieties here, from simple straight-line designs to the kind of wraparound security devices that provide an unsurpassed envelope of safety. Many of our bathroom grab bars are coated for a softer feel, and all of them can withstand tremendous forces that might rip lesser devices off the wall. These are bathroom grab bars you can always count on.

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