Bed Rails

Bed rails on hospital beds and home-style beds can help prevent falling accidents. If you have a family member who has uncontrolled body movements, difficulty changing position in the bed, trouble staying in the bed while sleeping or trouble getting out of the bed without help, bed rails can provide some assistance. While bed rails are not a cure-all solution for all of these issues, they can be helpful.

Bed rails are usually positioned at the top of the bed and go down the side to the mid point or beyond. When attached to a hospital bed, most bed rails can be lowered and raised to make transferring a patient in and out of the bed easier. Falling out of a bed is a serious hazard, particularly for the elderly and infirm, so you should seriously consider purchasing bed rails if your loved one's bed doesn't already have them.

Benefits of Bed Rails

Having bed rails on a bed has a number of benefits, including:

  • Keeping patients from rolling out of the bed while sleeping
  • Providing an anchor for changing body positions while in the bed
  • Using bed rails as a crutch when standing up from or lowering down to the bed
  • Hindering patients from getting out of the bed while sleepwalking

At All Time Medical, we have hospital beds that come with bed rails and accessory bed rails that can be attached to hospital beds and home-style beds. No matter what kind of bed you have, there are bed rails to fit it. Bed rails as an accessory are relatively inexpensive, but they are potentially life saving.