Bedside Commode

Bedside commodes are toilets without running water. Typically, bedside commodes are made from metal frames and have toilet seats with buckets beneath them. The bucket is removed after use, cleaned and returned to the commode.

People who have mobility issues and find it difficult to get to the bathroom because of one or more medical conditions can benefit from bedside commodes. If you or a family member is at risk for falling when trying to get to the bathroom and/or has trouble lowering down to and getting up from the toilet, a bedside commode can be very helpful. The rails on the commode's frame help patients transfer their bodies into the commode and out again.

Types of Bedside Commodes

There are many different types of bedside commodes design to suit different people with different medical issues. These types include:

  1. All-in-one bedside commodes: the traditional toilet in a metal frame
  2. Transfer bench commodes: one side is flat so patients can slide into the commode
  3. Drop arm commodes: facilitate patient transfers
  4. Extra wide and heavy duty commodes: designed for bariatric patients
  5. Shower transport chair commodes: combination of a commode and a rust-resistant wheelchair for use in the shower

At All Time Medical, we have dozens of bedside commodes in our collection. We offer a great variety in style and size to fit all patients no matter how much they weigh or what level of immobility they have. More than just a convenience, a bedside commode is also a safety measure to prevent falling accidents on the way to the bathroom.