Digital TENS Unit

If you suffer from either acute or chronic pain, a digital TENS unit may be able to provide some measure of relief. TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a technology that delivers an electrical signal to the body that interferes with pain signals sent to the brain. While the body may still experience pain, the brain does not perceive it and therefore neither does the patient.

There are many types of TENS units available, with the digital TENS units among the most popular. The digital TENS units can be more efficient than the regular TENS units. Additionally, electronic muscle stimulators (EMS) use TENS technology to treat and prevent muscle atrophy and other conditions.

Uses for a Digital TENS Unit

Digital TENS units have a wide variety of uses in the medical community for pain management. People who suffer from chronic back and neck pain, arthritis, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, migraines, nerve injuries, menstrual pain, post-op pain and pain caused by many other conditions can be helped by using TENS units. Of course, it's important to use TENS units--both digital and non-digital--responsibly to make sure they are being used properly and you are getting the maximum benefit.

At All Time Medical, we have many different TENS units, including electronic muscle stimulators. With pain relief from a TENS unit, you can cut down on or eliminate the use of pain medication. For some pain sufferers, using a TENS unit can provide many pain-free hours in just one session.