1 Box Of 5 SilvaSorb Sheet Dressings

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For flat wounds with no to moderate drainage Helps manage bacterial burden1,2; Continuous antimicrobial protection1,3; Non-staining1; Gentle for the patient4,5; Advanced fluid management1; Extended wear time3,6,7 Indications: pressure ulcers, partial and full-thickness wounds, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, graft wounds and donor sites, skin tears, surgical wounds, lacerations and abrasions, and first and second-degree burns Contraindications: individuals with a known sensitivity to silver Sheets may be left in place for up to 7 days; Amorphous gel may be left in place for up to 3 ays Dressing change frequency will depend on amount of drainage1 Data on file 2 Castellano JJ, Shafil SM, Ko F, Donate G, Wright TE, Mannari RJ, Payne WG, Smith DJ ,Robson MC Comparative evaluation of silver containing antimicrobial dressings and drugs In Wound Journal 4: 114-122 3 Nametka M Silver antimicrobial hydrophilic dressing benefits management of recurrent non-healing wounds Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Baltimore 2002 4 Copty T, Kiran R, Glat P Assessing the risk of skin irritation with the use of a silver based site * dressing on pediatric patientSymposium on Advanced Skin and Wound Care Orlando, FL 2007 5 NametkaM Antimicrobial silver polymer contact layer for treatment of venous leg ulcers Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Las Vegas 2001 6 Nametka M A hydrophilic silver antimicrobial wound dressing for site preparation and maintenance of human skin grafts to venous leg ulcers: Technical and clinical considerations Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin & Wound Care, Nashville 2000 7Nametka M Silver antimicrobial absorbent wound dressing can contribute to cost contRoll in home care Annual Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin and Wound Care Dallas 2002 8 US Patent 6,605,751
Manufacturer SKU MSC9322EPZ
Manufacturer No
Features No
  • Wound Condition Type: Shallow/Deep;All Drainage Type.
  • Width Inches: 2.000.
  • Product Category: Silver Hydrogel Sheet.
  • Primary or Secondary Dressing: Primary Dressing.
  • Length Inches: 2.000.
  • Items Included No

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    1 Box Of 5 SilvaSorb Sheet Dressings

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