Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are preferable to ordinary beds for patients who are bedridden because hospital beds can be adjusted to various positions for medical reasons, practical reasons and to make patients more comfortable. Hospital bed mechanisms can be manual, semi-electric or fully electric. Manual hospital beds are operated with a hand crank, but semi-electric and fully electric hospital beds use motors and hand controls.

Choosing the right hospital bed is an important decision, because your loved one will spend a lot of time in it and comfort is a major issue. If your loved one is partially ambulatory or won't require the hospital bed for a long time, you can probably make do with a less-expensive model. However, if you have a family member who is bedridden and will remain bedridden for some time, it's appropriate to invest in a quality full electric hospital bed that can be adjusted as needed.

Choosing the Right Hospital Bed

For patients who will require long-term use of a hospital bed, you should consider getting a mattress system or bed that can facilitate in bed sore prevention and relief. Mattresses with alternating pressure relief and beds that help turn patients who cannot turn themselves are extraordinarily helpful. It's important to consult with a doctor before choosing a hospital bed for your home so you can get one with the necessary features.

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