Knee Caddy

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery below the knee, a knee caddy can be just what the doctor ordered. Using a knee caddy keeps you mobile without having to use crutches or a wheelchair. There are several different styles of knee caddies, but the two most popular kinds are the knee walker and the turning leg caddy.

Unlike crutches, knee caddies require very little balance and cause no underarm discomfort. Unlike wheelchairs, knee caddies can fit into tight quarters, are easily maneuvered and can be easily taken in the car with you. Knee caddies are without question the easiest way to get around with an injured foot or leg.

Knee Caddy Accessories

Because knee caddies are so easily taken from place to place and don't cause fatigue like crutches, they are great for trips to the mall, athletic events and any other place that requires a lot of walking. At All Time Medical, we offer accessories to add to your knee caddy to make the unit even more convenient and practical.

Similar to bike or scooter accessories, we offer carry pouches and baskets to attach to your knee caddy. Perfect for carrying a purse, wallet, water bottle, cell phone, sunglasses, or anything else you might need on your day out, these accessories can be attached to the front of your knee caddy. If you plan on going out at night and might need some extra light, we also offer a flashlight accessory to be used with a turning leg caddy.