Leg Caddy

Using a leg caddy can help you heal from a lower-leg or foot injury faster. Oftentimes, healing from such injuries is slowed because people cannot help but put some weight on their legs or feet when using crutches or a wheelchair. When you use a leg caddy, it's easy to keep all of your weight off the injury so that healing can proceed uninterrupted.

Having to hold your foot up at all times when using crutches can become tiresome, and consequently, you often rest on the injured foot unknowingly and can cause damage to the healing process or even re-injure the foot. Likewise, when getting in and out of a wheelchair, you might sometimes incidentally use your injured foot to maneuver yourself. When used properly, the design of a leg caddy makes it possible to all but eliminate these incidental uses of your injured foot or leg.

Getting Around on a Leg Caddy

Kneeling on a leg caddy, you can push yourself around both indoors and outdoors with your healthy leg. The leg caddies come equipped with a hand brake that allows you to control your speed, particularly when traveling downhill. A turning leg caddy features turning handlebars that make steering the unit quick and easy.

At All Time Medical, we have a variety of leg caddies and leg caddy accessories. Because they are adjustable and available in different sizes, our leg caddies can fit most patients. Lightweight and portable, leg caddies keep you going even when a leg or foot injury threatens to slow you down.