Mobility Scooters

There are a variety of mobility scooters available that can help you or your loved one get out and about independently. Similar to power wheelchairs, mobility scooters require little to no manual effort for propulsion. However, mobility scooters have come to signify greater freedom than power wheelchairs and are popular with people who have mobility limitations but are still able to walk for short distances.

Mobility scooters come in several different configurations. There are three-wheeled mobility scooters, four-wheeled mobility scooters and personal mobility vehicles (PMVs). Which one is right for you depends on where you want to use your scooter and how.

Types of Mobility Scooters

The three-wheeled variety are well-suited to indoor use, have a tight turn radius and are easy to maneuver. The four-wheeled variety is more stable, suitable for tougher outdoor terrains and can usually accommodate more weight. Personal mobility scooters are designed for rugged outdoor use and are capable of traveling for miles without needing to be recharged.

At All Time Medical, we have a huge collection of mobility scooters for you to choose from. Whether you need a scooter to get around the house, one to take to the mall or one to carry you around for hours at an amusement park, you are certain to find the right one for your needs. Our scooters from the industry's top manufacturers can reopen doors for you and restore a lifestyle of freedom and independence without having to sacrifice style, comfort, luxury, ease or any of those good things.