Nebulizer Compressor

People who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma and cystic fibrosis can benefit greatly from a compressor nebulizer. Quicker and more effective than ordinary inhalers, compressor nebulizers turn liquid medication into a vapor that can then be inhaled in a concentrated form. Inhalers deliver medication in a less-concentrated form, so they are often not effective enough for use with some serious cases of respiratory illness.

To use a compressor nebulizer, the medication is inserted in the dispenser and oxygen is pumped through the medication by the compressor nebulizer machine. The vaporized medication comes out through a mouthpiece and the patient inhales it for a defined length of time. How long you have to inhale the medication and how frequently you have to use the compressor nebulizer depends on your condition and your doctor's orders.

Pediatric Compressor Nebulizers

It can be challenging to get children with respiratory illnesses the medication they need using a compressor nebulizer. At All Time Medical, we have compressor nebulizers designed specifically for children in fun animal and vehicle shapes. These child-friendly nebulizers make it easy to encourage children to take their medication.

Some compressor nebulizers have loud motors that can be scary for children when in use. Our pediatric nebulizers run quietly, so a child can relax during his or her respiratory treatment. Most of our nebulizers come with all of the accessories you need, including a mask, a mouthpiece, tubing, filters and ampoules. Additional accessories like carrying cases and additional tubing are also available.