Make life Easier With High Tech Gadgets And Phones For The Elderly

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These High Tech Items Will Help Make Life Easier For the elderly!

  • Walk-in Bath Tub- This product has everything your ordinary bath tub is outfitted with, but, it is enhanced with additional features like a safety grab bar, built-in grab bar, built-in seat, free standing stainless steel support frame, and heavy duty reinforced door system to suit an elderly’s safety requirements.

  • The Drive Medical Phoenix 3 Wheel Travel Scooter- This easy to maneuver scooter is suited for both indoor and outdoor usage. It features a “Finger-Pull” throttle for light control, compact design for stress-free assembly, anti tippers, and an adjustable tiller to name a few, making it a convenient way for a senior citizen to get from point A to point B.

  • Cellphone- Three trademark mobile phones for senior citizens rise above the rest when it comes to ease of usage and practicality. These include Samsung’s Jitterbug, Doro 410, and Snapfon Ez One which are all outfitted with huge buttons, large print LCD screen with high contrast, enhanced volume, and SOS button. Additional features include Bluetooth (Doro 410), voice dialing (Jitterbug) and GreatCall support (Jitterbug) which functions like a personal secretary that records event, appointments, and the likes.

  • Medication Dispensers- E-pill MD2 PLUS MedSmart is just one of the various automatic pill dispensers that can cater to either an institutional or home use. These products help caregivers and patients achieve absolute medication compliance through features such as user-friendliness, adjustable daily pill dispensing frequency; accurate dosage and meds dispensing, timed and monitored dispensing mechanism, and free multimedia alert for missed medications.

  • Safe-T Element Cooking System- This modern kitchen tool not only helps owners cut down on electricity consumption, it also prevents the onset of fire through its electronically controlled heating mechanism.

  • Medical Alert Systems from Alert1- This 24/7 emergency monitoring system comes with a 100% waterproof neck/wrist strap help button that swiftly transmits emergency signals to a help center in the event of an accident. Upon purchase of the device, a consistent technical and medical support system is provided by Alert1.

  • The Door Beacon Door Knock Sensor- This door accessory allows elderly homeowners to know if they have guests waiting at their doorstep by flashing a vibration-triggered light. Easy to install and highly flexible, The Door Beacon is a welcome innovation in home technology.

  • eNeighbor Remote Monitoring System- A competent professional supplement for caregivers, the eNeighbor employs a cutting edge monitoring system that is anchored in a WiFi mechanism. Noteworthy features include automatic fall detection, emergency call pendant, and vital sign devices, among others.

  • GrandCare System- Maintaining an efficient level of organization and communication is one of the common challenges in an elderly facility and this is what GrandCare System addresses through its wireless technology adaptability, website feature, Activity and Tele-Wellness sensors, and customizable caregiver alerts.

  • iRobot- Vacuum and washing robots from this acclaimed brand can be programmed depending on a user’s desired cleaning time and frequency. Names like Roomba, Scooba, Verro, and Looj have definitely revolutionized and automatized floor maintenance.

  • Remote device control, systems management, file sharing, and customer support, among many others, have been made more convenient and reliable with this online solution that bridges great distance with ease and speed.

  • Peapod Online Grocery Shop- Purchase house essentials online and have your cart of goodies delivered straight to your home; this is what Peapod is all about, alongside friendly and dependable service of course.

Benefits of Robotic Technology in Elderly Care


  • Robots can aid the elderly citizens to achieve the closest semblance of independent living.

  • Robotic aids are possible alternatives to care facilities. This technology can allow the elderly to have the choice to stay in the same house where they have lived for so long.

  • Robotic technology allows the incorporation of various health monitoring mechanisms such as blood pressure, glucose, body temperature, and pulse readers or sensors in a single gizmo.

  • Robot caregivers facilitate fast and reliable communication through built-in WiFi or internet connectivity/adaptability, hence, senior citizens can easily reach out to family and friends.

  • Robots will allow the integration of all necessary functions for a competent elderly care.