Oxygen Accessories

Oxygen accessories serve many purposes, including transporting oxygen cylinders, storing oxygen cylinders and delivering oxygen to the user. There are a variety of different oxygen accessories required for home health care. At All Time Medical, we have all of the oxygen accessories you need to use supplemental oxygen in your home or on the go.

If you or the oxygen patient is ambulatory, it's important to find the right way to transport the oxygen cylinders so as not to impede mobility. There are several ways to carry oxygen cylinders including:

  1. Oxygen cylinder cart accessories that can be pushed or pulled
  2. An oxygen cylinder bag that is carried over the shoulder (available in different sizes for different cylinders)
  3. A wheelchair oxygen tank holder

Other Oxygen Accessories

In order to get the oxygen from the tank to the user, quality tubing connectors and nasal cannulas are required. Because bacteria can accumulate in these plastic tubes, they are disposable and come in multiple-quantity cases. From our oxygen accessories collection, you can choose from crush-resistant tubing connectors, regular tubing connectors, straight-tip nasal cannulas and curved-tip nasal cannulas to suit your lifestyle and comfort level.

Finally, it's important to properly store your oxygen cylinders when they're not in use. Oxygen cylinder racks are important oxygen accessories--not only to keep your cylinders organized, but also to prevent them from being accidentally knocked over. You can get oxygen cylinder racks in several different sizes to hold different amounts of cylinders and different-sized cylinders.