Oxygen Compressor

Oxygen compressors and concentrators have revolutionized the home oxygen industry. Traditionally, the only way to get supplemental oxygen to assist in respiratory health care was by subscribing to a home delivery service that provides tanks of compressed oxygen or liquid oxygen. When used consistently and over a long period of time, this service can be quite expensive and inconvenient.

Oxygen compressors make it possible for the patient, a friend or family member, or a nurse to fill oxygen cylinders at home. When paired with an oxygen concentrator that pulls in atmospheric air and filters the oxygen so that it is more concentrated, an oxygen compressor is a complete home oxygen center. Being able to fill your own cylinders with life giving oxygen saves money over the long run and helps ambulatory patients stay independent.

Setting up a Home Oxygen Compressor System

There are several different components required to create a usable home oxygen compressor system. You need a concentrator, the appropriate cylinder assembly, empty oxygen cylinders, and the compressor itself. It's also helpful to have oxygen cylinder storage racks so that you can fill multiple oxygen cylinders and always have portable oxygen on hand when necessary.

At All Time Medical, we have what you need to set up your home oxygen compressor system and gain freedom from oxygen deliveries. We offer competitive prices because we buy directly from the manufacturer and cut out the middle man. Oxygen compressors are not an inexpensive investment, so it only makes sense to get the best prices you can.