Oxygen Medical Equipment

If you need supplemental oxygen for your health, it's important to get good oxygen medical equipment. Many people with respiratory problems due to lung disease, heart disease and many other conditions can benefit from using supplemental oxygen at home either occasionally or around the clock. How you use that supplemental oxygen will depend in part on what type of oxygen medical equipment you buy.

There are two ways to get oxygen for home use--you can order cylinder or liquid oxygen from a delivery service, or you use a home oxygen concentrator to concentrate your own oxygen from ambient air. Which option is best is dependent on how much oxygen is used, how ambulatory the user is and which is more cost effective in the general area.

Common Oxygen Medical Equipment

One of the most common pieces of oxygen medical equipment is the oximeter. An essential component in using oxygen for a long-term period in home health care, an oximeter measures how much oxygen is present in a person's blood. There are a variety of different oximeters available, with many including a pulse rate measurement as well.

If you choose to compress your own oxygen, you will need a concentrator and a compressor. The oxygen compressor takes the concentrated oxygen and compresses it to fill personal high-pressure cylinders. At All Time Medical, we have a variety of concentrators, compressors, oximeters and other medical equipment necessary to support the use of supplemental oxygen in a home care setting.