Quad Canes

There was a time when all canes were designed the same way. Each had a handle to hold, a long shaft that generally came in a few fixed heights, and a base that was rubberized to prevent slippage. Unfortunately, the problem with this design could be traced to simple physics: with a single node carrying all that weight, a slight shift in balance was all it took to send the user sprawling.

Needless to say, today's canes tend to be far superior. Most offer an angled upper section of the shaft to aid in a more intuitive center of gravity, and the best exaamples come with four feet, called a walking quad cane, rather than the traditional one. This wider balance base offers far greater stability, making it the form of choice for medical professionals and the patients they serve. Because some people prefer small base quad canes, we carry them too, as well as pediatric quad canes.

Here at All Time Medical, you can find all manner of walking quad canes quickly and easily. We believe superior medical mobility aids such as these should be affordable and simple to use, and we endeavor daily to bring the lowest possible prices to our valued customers. If you are looking for a higher breed of walking quad canes, you will not find a more affordable solution anywhere on the Web.

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