Shower Seat

A good shower seat can be a much-needed bulwark against catastrophe. It is a well-known fact that showers tend to be repositories for injury and accident, and the prime culprit is most often the shower itself. Getting your hands on a good shower seat is quite simply required if you wish to avoid a similar fate.

The best shower seats tend to be those that can withstand this environment and all its hazards without difficulty. That means you need a mildew-resistant, padded seat, a sturdy base that will not rust and the kind of rubber leg caps that keep the entire shower seat from sliding in slippery circumstances. For quality shower seats such as these and corner shower seats, folding shower seats and other kinds, you will not find a more comprehensive online resource than All Time Medical.

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Few areas of the home contain greater risk than the bathroom, and shower seats such as these simply make sense if safety is a concern. If you want to see more bathroom disability products from our extensive catalog, do not hesitate to browse through the site at your convenience. If you still have questions, we are available at