TENS Unit Accessories

Depending on what TENS unit you purchase, there are some accessories that will come with the unit and some that you will have to buy separately. Most TENS units come with at least one battery and a package of pre-gelled electrodes. Usually, TENS units also come with carrying case accessories so you can take your unit with you for pain relief on the go.

Additionally, some TENS units may come with belts or belt clip accessories that allow you to keep the TENS unit on your person. These are particularly useful for lower back pain because the unit is in close proximity to the pain area and doesn't need to be removed for use. You can choose to keep the electrodes connected to your body so that you can provide pain relief as needed at work, shopping or anywhere else.

Additional TENS Unit Accessories

The most common TENS unit accessories you'll need to purchase are electrodes. These days, most electrodes come pre-gelled, and you can choose from a variety of shapes. Oval, round, square, rectangle and butterfly are the most common shapes, and which ones you choose is primarily dependent on where you plan to place them and your own personal preference.

You can also buy extra batteries and battery chargers to use with a TENS unit. Even though you are using rechargeable batteries, having some fully charged batteries ready to go can save you time and keep pain relief within reach when you need it. At All Time Medical, we have a wide variety of TENS units and TENS unit accessories available at competitive prices.