Toilet Safety Frames

Let's face it: toilets can be dangerous. If the problem isn't uncomfortable seating with poor balance, it is most likely the act of sitting itself. When these seats are too low, such a precarious position can result in spills, bangs and other more serious injuries.

We have a better solution here. All Time Medical is committed to bringing you the best prices on all manner of disability aids for the bathroom, from shower benches and bath seats to commodes, grip bars and more. The toilet safety frames we offer fit right into the product line--intuitive devices that ensure you never slip off the seat or have trouble getting in and out of the proper position safely.

Independence is an essential part of who we are, and at no time is that privilege more essential than as we age. If you have found yourself struggling to maintain the most basic hygienic routines, it may be worthwhile to look into clever devices such as toilet safety frames. The best of them can restore you to your former vigor, delaying or eliminating the day when you are forced to seek outside help.

If you want to look through the full suite of bathroom assist products we carry here, please follow the pertinent links. From toilet safety frames to the latest designs in shower chairs, you will not find a more comprehensive resource for all that you need. Please contact us anytime by sending an email to or clicking on our contact button if you desire further assistance with the process of shopping for toilet safety frames or other bathroom safety products.