Transfer Benches

Unless you have experienced difficulty getting around, it may not occur to you just how many hazards the bathroom holds. From using a slippery toilet seat to bathing in an equally slick bathtub, the washrooms many of us take for granted tend to host some of the home's most frequent accidents. The good news is that today, a new spate of products has come along to make using this essential part of the home as safe as sleeping in your bed.

One of the greatest hazards is the bathtub wall--a high edifice without any visible handholds that can easily up-end a poorly balanced person on his or her way into the tub. It was for this reason that transfer benches were created. These padded, simple devices offer an easy place to sit as you slide one leg, and then the other, over that wall while remaining in perfect balance throughout.

These transfer benches work exceptionally well. If you have ever seen these devices in action, you know how little it takes to create a friendly and safe environment with just a few pieces of tempered steel and some upholstered vinyl. Many customers who buy these transfer benches love them so much, they come back for the full line of bathroom assist products we carry here at All Time Medical, such as the sliding transfer bench, shower transfer bench and bariatric transfer bench.

They are rarely disappointed. From elevated commodes to bath benches and more, this is a full resource for all things related to mobility and safety in your home's most dangerous room. If you are looking for the best prices from some of this industry's best-known manufacturers, please feel free to browse the catalog at your leisure. You can reach us anytime at if you have a question about our transfer benches or other bathroom safety products.