Transport Wheelchair

If you or a family member has trouble getting from point A to point B, a transport wheelchair can prove very useful. Transport wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to push, but they cannot be self-propelled by hand. Consequently, they are best for people with mild to moderate mobility problems who only need a lift once in a while or for those who have little-to-no upper-body strength.

Most transport wheelchairs can be easily folded to fit in the trunk of a car or the back of an SUV. A transport wheelchair is a great choice for people who can't walk long distances but don't require a wheelchair 24 hours a day. These wheelchairs are equally well suited for occasional trips to the mall or the doctor's office or for consistent use.

A Transport Wheelchair Provides Affordable Mobility

No one likes to be the one who holds everyone else up, but that is exactly how many people who have mobility issues feel. Walking with a cane or walker takes a lot more time and effort than walking without one. Using a transport wheelchair to move your loved one around can save time and effort.

Transport wheelchairs are more affordable than you might think. At All Time Medical, we have a wide assortment of quality transport wheelchairs for you to choose from with different features to suit different patients. Larger rear tires for different terrain, handlebar hand brakes, seat belts, padded armrests, movable footrests and extra weight capacity are just some of the features you will find in our transport wheelchair collection.