Turning Leg Caddy

If you've had a foot or lower leg injury, a turning leg caddy can offer you easy mobility. Ordinarily, in order to get around, you would have to rely on crutches or a wheelchair. Crutches can be tiresome to use and painful to the underarms, and wheelchairs are often difficult to maneuver and transport from place to place.

Turning leg caddies make getting around remarkably simple when you can't put weight on your foot or lower leg. Also called knee walkers or knee scooters, turning leg caddies allow you to kneel on a padded platform, hold onto a set of easy-to-maneuver turning handlebars and self-propel with your good leg. When you use a turning leg caddy, your injured or recovering foot or leg bears no weight and is free to heal properly.

Who Can Use a Turning Leg Caddy

Turning leg caddies are suitable for a variety of users, including:

  1. Patients recovering from foot surgery
  2. Diabetics with foot injuries
  3. Patients with broken bones in the foot or ankle
  4. Some lower-leg or foot amputees
  5. People with joint pain or arthritis in the lower leg or foot can use a turning leg caddy as needed

Essentially, anyone who is instructed to remain off of their leg or foot, but doesn't want to deal with the limitations of using crutches or a wheelchair can use a turning leg caddy.

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