Walk-in Bath Tub, AMERICAN MADE, Non-Leak, M3238 Air & Whirlpool Dual System

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This model is currently unavailable in color biscuit.

The walk-in-bath tub M3260 is the most accessible and most comfortable walk-in bathtub on the market today with features that will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of independent bathing again.

This walk-in bath tub is constructed of the highest grade fiberglass composites for beauty and durability. The stainless steel frame provides a long lasting strength while the beautifully designed faucets are another way to bring you the ultimate in luxury.

This walk-in tub specializes in accessibility and security for safe transfers in and out of the bath tub by offering standard features such as a safety grab bar and an ADA compliant 17" high seat to assist in entering and exiting from the bath, thereby providing a complete and safe bathing experience for the elderly and the mobility impaired.

This bath tub is designed to fit perfectly into your existing shower stall or previous bath tub, and is designed around your convenience and comfort for you to be able to bath without any assistance.

This bath tub also offers a beautifully chrome polished 18" extendable shower head to assist you in getting to those parts on your body that are hard to reach. In addition to the inward opening door it features the lowest step in the market today making entry and exit from the bath a simple and safe process which in turn eliminates the need for any assistance when entering the tub. Once inside the tub, you simply lower yourself onto the 17 inch contoured cushioned anti-slip seat and begin bathing.

The added whisper quite whirlpool system to your walk-in bath tub comes with 6 adjustable water massage jets that adds a truly therapeutic element to your walk-in bath system. The centrally located directional jet massage system uses only pre-warmed water to refresh and soothe your aches away. The 6 water massage jets have a range of 360 degree of motion to provide added comfort and versatility. It also features a tee heater that is designed to keep temperature consistent during water jet operations rather than heat cold water to desired bathing temperature.

The added 16 massage air system to your walk-in bath tub adds a truly therapeutic element to your walk-in bath system. The centrally located directional jet massage system uses only pre-warmed air to refresh and soothe your aches away. Typical water or air systems are known to be too aggressive for the frail or elderly, and can be irritating to any bather after short periods of use. A warm air system allows for stimulation of the skin and is not designed to penetrate deep into the muscle. Moreover, warm air massage activates the lymphatic system, while enhancing blood circulation which is also known to dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body. As this system does not re-circulate bath water, you can maintain a bacteria free bathing environment, especially important when more than one person will be using the bath. In addition, a last function initiates automatically, 20 minutes after every bath use, and purges any moisture from around the jet heads to ensure no stagnant water remains between bathing sessions. No cleaning or maintenance of the airlines is ever required!

The combination of being immersed in water with a warm air system provides an incomparable therapeutic effect and offers the user that well deserved spa experience. The dual system also provides a user friendly control panel that will allow you to interchange between hydrotherapy and an air masage.

This magnificent walk-in bath tub will bring back the pleasure of a peaceful bath once again.

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Manufacturer SKU 3238 Dual -
Manufacturer No
  • Acrylic Construction.
  • Outward Swinging Door.
  • Optional Right Or Left Door.
  • Wide Door Opening For Easy Entry & Exit.
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Door System.
  • Anti-Slip Floor Surface.
  • Anti-Slip Seat Surface
  • Low Step For Safe & Effortlessly Entry & Exit.
  • 18" Extendable Shower Head.
  • Door Lock & Sealing System.
  • White or Biscuit Color Finish.
  • Water Fill: 45 Gallons.
  • Quality Chrome Fixtures For Years Of Service And Easy Use.
  • High Gloss Acrylic Finish.
  • Stainless Steel Frame.
  • Roman Faucets.
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Fiberglass Resin Coated.
  • Free Standing Stainless Steel Support Frame with Adjustable Leveling Feet.
  • Overflow Resistance Protective Drain With Secure Cable Pop Up.
  • Contoured, Built in Seat - 17” Seat Height and a 24” Width.
  • Built in Grab Bar and Textured Bottom.

  • Safety Grab Bar.

  • Faucet Accessory Deck Areas.

Air & Whirlpool Dual System Added Features:

  • User Friendly Control Panel To Interchange Between Air & an Air Massage.

  • Pneumatic Control For Pentair Pump.

  • 1 HP Electric Water Pump Motor With Inline Heater.

  • 6 Adjustable Water Jets With a 360 Degree Range Of Motion.

  • Tee Heater To Keep Temperature Consistent.

  • Pneumatic Control For Air Blower.

  • 16 Air Jets With Built In Heater.

  • No Cleaning Or Maintenance Of The Airlines Is Ever Required.

Specifications Walk-In Tub 3238 With Air & Whirlpool Dual System
Air Jets 16
Water Jets 6
Water Jets Range Of Motion 360 degree
Deck Height 38"
Deck Width 32"
Deck Length 38"
Seat Height 17"
Seat Width 24"
Capacity/Operating Level 45 gallons
Unit Weight 175 lbs (approx.)
Shipping Weight 210 lbs (approx.)
Warranty On Door Seal Lifetime for the original owner
Warranty On The Tub 10 year limited warranty
Items Included
  • Roman Tub Faucets.
  • Hand Held Shower.
  • Grab Bar.
  • Drain Kit & Overflow Valve.
  • Whisper Quiet Whirlpool Option.
  • 6 Water Jets.
  • 1 Pump With Inline Heater.
  • 16 Air Jets With Built In Heater.
  • Air Blower With Pneumatic Control

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Walk-in Bath Tub, AMERICAN MADE, Non-Leak, M3238 Air & Whirlpool Dual System

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