Walking Sticks

Walking sticks have been around since time immemorial, but it took a few millennia for the technology to really evolve. What started as the most basic of supports has since become a truly advanced medical device, capable of supporting your full weight without dragging you down as you move through life. Here at All Time Medical, we are proud to say we offer the best quality walking sticks available.

Why invest in high quality walking sticks? Studies have shown that our bipedal manner of getting around becomes a hazard once the exigencies of age make balance more difficult. The same principle that makes tricycles fail-proof devices applies here as well--two points makes a rickety foundation, but three is rock solid. Add a walking stick to your regular gait and you may greatly reduce the incidence of falls.

Of course, everyday strength help is important too. The truth is that walking sticks can easily take weight and stress off your hips and lower back, preserving your strength and making muscle aches at the end of the day far less severe. Today's best walking sticks are designed for this kind of heavy use, offering ergonomic handles, notched shafts that center your gravity and fully rubberized tips that will not slip even when wet.

Here at All Time Medical, we believe you should have more and better options when it comes to your mobility aids. From walking sticks and canes to motorized scooters and more, this is one of the Web's finest resources for superior mobility equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact a courteous professional at info@alltimemedical.com if you have any questions regarding walking sticks or other types of mobility equipment.