Wheelchair Accessories

There are a variety of wheelchair accessories available that can make your wheelchair more functional and practical for your needs. Which accessories you or your loved one needs depends on how much time is spent in the wheelchair, where the wheelchair is used, what type of medical conditions you have and a host of other factors. At All Time Medical, we have a wide variety of wheelchair accessories for sale.

If the user of a wheelchair is very mobile and spends a lot of time away from home, a wheelchair carry pouch is an essential accessory. Wheelchair carry pouches attach to the back of the seat and can hold about as much content as a typical backpack. Similarly, oxygen pouches can attach to the back of a wheelchair for users who require oxygen at times.

Wheelchair Accessories for Safety and Comfort

Those who have low muscle tone or poor motor control may have difficulty staying upright or properly positioned in their wheelchairs. In those cases, you can purchase seat belts as safety accessories. We have a wide variety of wheelchair seat belts available, including seat belts to fit bariatric patients.

Spending a lot of time in a wheelchair can be uncomfortable without the proper cushioning. We also offer a variety of seat cushions contoured for comfort and designed to fit many different wheelchairs. Additionally, we offer leg rests, foot plates, removable trays, I.V. poles and a variety of other accessories to make using a wheelchair more comfortable, practical and efficient for the user.